God bought back what was already His.

Hosea 1 & 2

The story of Hosea is fairly unfamiliar to most, yet Brett brought it to the forefront of our minds in his teaching last night. He told us of the prophet Hosea, who was given an unimaginable task by God. "Go marry a wife who will be unfaithful to you." 

Hosea, trusting in God's sovereign plan, did just that. He married Gomer, a woman with a reputation. She was already labeled as a broken, promiscuous prostitute. But Hosea married her, accepted her, and started a family with her. It wasn't long before things unraveled and Hosea was faced with despair and heartbreak. His wife left him, chasing the things of the world, and left Hosea to care for three children on his own. As we see this story unfold, we can't help but think that Hosea had it coming. He knew he was marrying a woman who was known for being unfaithful. What did he expect? 

But Hosea kept his word. He loved and cared and provided for Gomer, even when she was chasing the things she thought would bring her happiness. He dropped supplies at the back door of where she way staying, hoping to provide for her in any way that he could. And that persistence won her back. She realized the things she was running after weren't providing her the happiness she wanted. She returned to Hosea, and he promised her a life of love and righteousness, of justice and mercy. He took her back and claimed her as his own. 

But the story doesn't end there. Chapter 3 gives us a glimpse into the future of their relationship. Gomer has left again, and is up for auction. But God's message to Hosea is clear: pursue her. chase after her. she is yours. So Hosea paid the price and bought her back. He bought back what is already his. 

This story is beautiful. Hosea stopped at nothing to win back his wife. Her unfaithfulness was no match for his love. Because once she was his, she was no longer defined by her unfaithfulness. She was defined by the love he had for her. This is a picture of the Gospel. That our God, who created us, chose us, and loved us, went to the greatest lengths to buy us back.

We are Gomer. We have a God who loves us and pursues us and offers us an eternal life with Him. He assures our security and our future under his provision. But we choose to be unfaithful. We so often think it's easier to do life our way, and we stray. We chase after our pursuits, only to realize they don't provide what we're looking for.

We are Gomer, but we have a Hosea. We have a God whose love is relentless. It surpasses our understanding of why it would continue when our sin and defiance is so great. It follows us into the deep and dark places of our lives and draws us back to Him. And that relentless love paid the greatest price for us.

We are Gomer, but we have a Hosea. God bought back what was already His. 



Brett Willhite teaching over the story of Hosea